We at Ozone Cool provide our services, which will meet the client requirements.

We provide designing which will include following: 

  • Heat load calculation.
  • Equipment selection.
  • External Static Pressure calculation.
  • Ventilation requirement as per standard or specified air changes.
  • Staircase pressurization calculation.
  • Design & shop drawings.
  • We provide the supply and installation of the following,
      Air-conditioning installation         Ventilation installations
  • Windows, wall mounted, ductable and decorative type air conditioners.
  • Package Units, AHUs & Fresh air handling units DX type.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) units.
  • Assembling and Installation of AHUs and FCUs.
  • Air-conditioning duct works .
  • Copper Pipe with Insulation.
  • Chilled water pipe with insulation.
  • Exhaust and Fresh air fans.
  • Smoke Extract Fans.
  • Staircase Pressurization Fans.
  • Jet Fans.
  • Kitchen Exhaust Fans.
  • Heat Exchangers.
  • Fire rated duct works.
  • We provide testing and balancing for the equipment and air outlets.
  • We Provide maintenance for  air-conditioning and  ventilation equipment by on call Services and Annual maintenance contract.
  • We provide additional warranties for the equipment & installations works with additional charges.